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Tunnel Guidance & Alignment

Advanced Technology – Tunnel Engineering Directional Software System (TEDSS®)

Alignment Surveys offers highly specialised tunnel guidance & alignment control for mechanised tunnelling with the TEDSS®. Calling on considerable experience gained from underground workings in both hard rock mining and tunnelling, the resultant system now offers an advanced method of surveying engineering control that can offer efficiencies and costs savings particularly in curved alignment.

Research carried out by the Principal of Alignment Surveys, E.W. Janes, into ”advanced technology gyros for facilitating guidance of mechanised tunnelling” consolidated and advanced this expertise with the award of a Doctorate in 2004.

Advanced Benefits

In two systems of tunnelling, pipejack and fixed lining, the use of a  ‘new technology’ gyro for azimuth (heading) information  benefits TBM & tunnel guidance operations by reducing down time caused by system navigation failures and TBM survey checks. Additionally the reduction of manual survey checks and ‘survey control’ advance within the cramped environment of both tunnel types will also enhance the safety standards of TBM operations.

The  gyro currently used for TEDSS® is a laser gyro; which is more compact and reliable than the equivalent mechanical gyro providing greater accuracy with the consumption of less power. These are for use as a stand-alone unit within a pipe jack environment or as part of an integrated system, incorporating a Robotic Total Station, for use within conventional mechanised tunnelling.

Recent Use of TEDSS® for tunnel guidance.

2007-2009  Belfast Sewer Project – Morgan Est Farrans (Construction) Ltd.  –  £100 million upgrade –  9.4km of tunnel, Lovat TBM

2010-2011  Brighton and Hove WWTW – 4D Brighton & Hove – Costain          –  £250 million contract –  2.8km of tunnel, Lovat TBM

Other Projects–

2012-    KMI  Storm Water, Preston, UK.   Pipejack survey control and interfacing with Herrenknecht gyro guidance system on a Herrenknecht continuous AVN Direct Pipe® drive.  Twin parallel drives, 1.39 id steel pipes, each 860m long with a shaft holing in accuracy, on both drives, of 25mm.


We invite enquiries from any interested parties that wish to benefit from this advanced technology.

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